UniTech has been providing Information Technology Solutions for over 25 years. We understand what it means to become partners with our clients and understand what decisions are best for them. A large portion of our clients have been working with us for many years because of the relationships that we continue to cultivate with them. Our company thrives as you thrive – you are our biggest priority.

Our staff has over 70 years of combined experience in servicing nearly every industry. Whether your company serves in the medical, manufacturing, legal, or insurance industry, we are a perfect fit for you. Our unique range of business experience allows us to make recommendations so your technology works for you.

Our primary goal is to help your company grow with informed technology decisions that move your business to the next milestone. We thrive as you thrive.



No business network is the same. Workstation and Server operating systems, types of routers, remote access, VLAN's, printers, data storage, disaster recovery strategy and daily backups are…

Website Design

Your website is the only part of your business that is viewable at any time, from anywhere, and by any one. What messages are you sending to your potential customer through your website? Does it…

Data Recovery

We use our computers to store our most vital data. This data can be accidentally deleted or lost because of hardware failure. Using specifically designed software we are oftentimes able to recovery…

Computer Repair

Computers are designed to help us and our workplace be more efficient, and time and money can be lost when they aren’t running the way they should. This could be that your software is running…

Penetration Testing

Stop for a moment and evaluate your digital devices. Take a look at your business computers, your server, your cell phones, and compile a short list of what vital information is stored on those…

IT Audits

Our risk-based IT audit approach identifies nine key IT process areas, such as Change Control and Application Controls, that must be evaluated prior to expressing an opinion on the overall effectiveness…


Encrypted Offsite Backup

Paper is going out of style, fast. There are thousands of companies that have even gone paperless. Every business stores critical data on their computers. Imagine walking into work tomorrow morning to find your hard drive clicking a wonderful tune of regret as you realize your data wasn’t backed up – how would you react? What if your office was broken into and your computers stolen? What if there was a fire that damaged your workstations and server? What if…you accidentally hit the delete button?

These are questions that we can answer, and problems for which we have solutions. Our Pillar backup software stores your information safely in offsite storage locations. The information is encrypted three separate times, ensuring that it is safe from prying eyes. Even better, with unlimited versioning you never have to worry about retrieving a document, even if the most recent backed up isn’t what you need.


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